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My Story

As a SURVIVOR of child sexual abuse, I spent the majority of my life living chaotically and turbulently.  Always numbing my existence.  Never understanding the effects the trauma I endured as a child had on my life.
During my healing journey, I realized how alone we feel sometimes.  
How NO ONE talks about their abuse until they are given the opportunity.

I found talking about my abuse gave me a sense of empowerment.  The more I talked about it the more I touched the little girl in me and the better I felt.

I felt compelled to provide a platform for child sexual abuse and rape survivors to share their stories.  To give those just beginning their journey hope.  To provide those who have healed a space to help others not feel so alone.  
It’s okay to talk about it.  The days if Sweeping shit under the rug are over.  It’s time to find your voice and speak out.


ALL DONATIONS GO TO HELP FUND MY WORK WITH ADDICTS. I provide minutes for Cell phones, and Uber rides.

Cell minutes are a necessity.  These women need to be able to call someone when they are in a bad situation.  Due to my personal connection with them, A lot of times they call me out of desperation.  

I pay for their Uber home or to a safe place.  Sometimes these women have been abused and or have put themselves in bad situations while prostituting to support their habit.

I never send cash.  Just help.  Sometimes I’m able to get them into a rehab that focuses on healing trauma rather than the addiction.  After all unhealed trauma is the leading cause of addiction.  These women deserve to have hope.  They deserve an opportunity to heal.  Ultimately they deserve to have someone who believes in them.

Audio Episodes contain details of rape and or sexual and physical abuse. Listen at your own risk.